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Lavar Ball has 99 problems, and now the Kardashians are one.

The basketball dad wants it to be known that although his family is famous and set to have their own reality show, they are nothing like America’s first reality family. TMZ caught up with former athlete and asked him whether his upcoming show makes his family the Kardashians of basketball. Ball replied like only he could, saying, “I ain’t no Kardashian. I ain’t Kris Jenner. We the Balls, welcome to the Ball era.”

The comparisons stem from the fact that each family has one superstar kid, Lonzo Ball, and all of Ball boys names start with the same letter — just like Kris did with her “K klan.” Lavar’s comments comes just days before his son Lonzo caught major heat for only scoring five points in his rough summer-league opener game Friday night. Hopefully, the Ball family can actually learn a thing or two from the Kardashians about bouncing back after disappointment.  It’s kind of their family specialty.

Check out what else Lavar Ball had to say in the clip above.

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