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R Kelly And Laurence Fishburne On 'Extra'

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R. Kelly has been associated with controversy for years — but if recent reports are true, the singer’s legacy might be tarnished forever.

A shocking Buzzfeed report quotes several parents claiming their daughters are being held against their will in a sex-obsessed, abusive “cult” by Kellz. One of the parents said, “[Kelly] is a master at mind control. He is a puppet master.”

The parents alleged that Kelly keeps a collection of young women at his homes in Atlanta and Chicago, replaces their cell phones with ones specifically used to communicate with him and demands that they call him “daddy.” The girls also have to ask for permission to leave their residence and he films their sexual encounters with him. One parent claimed that R. Kelly punishes the young girls, verbally and physically, when they break his rules. A few of the parents have tried reaching out to their young daughters, with one mom and dad even saying they have attempted to contact their child (now 21 years old) for two years, but have been rebuffed by her claims that she is in a consenting relationship and is not being held against her will.

Buzzfeed reporter, Jim Derogatis, who has been covering Kelly’s sex scandal for years, is the same person who first reported that the singer married the late Aaliyah illegally when she was only 15 years old. Derogatis called in to The Fam show on DC’s 93.9 WKYS to discuss more about Kell’s latest misconduct. He revealed that although the FBI won’t officially say it, Kelly is currently under investigation because of these alleged acts.

This isn’t the first, and probably not the last time, R. Kelly has been publicly put on blast for his slimy behavior. Just last year, people questioned his relationship with a 19-year-old model.  The 50-year-old singer has yet to comment on the claims.

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