There is a supposed dance cult on the rise in Los Angeles according to a famed TikToker's family. Popular TikTok creator Miranda Derrick's family believes she is being held hostage by a religious Hollywood cult. Read more details inside.

The father of one of R. Kelly‘s alleged sex victims is not letting the singer get off easy. After Kells denied claims that he’s the mastermind behind an abusive sex cult, 21-year-old Jocelyn Savage also spoke out, saying that she’s “happy” and “not captive” — but her father isn’t buying it. In a video of […]

R. Kelly unintentionally had the Internet buzzing earlier this week after a Buzzfeed article claimed that the music legend was the mastermind behind an abusive cult that subjects women to sex slavery. Kells has spoken out. His rep released a statement to TMZ saying, “Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed by the recent revelations […]

R. Kelly has been associated with controversy for years — but if recent reports are true, the singer’s legacy might be tarnished forever. A shocking Buzzfeed report quotes several parents claiming their daughters are being held against their will in a sex-obsessed, abusive “cult” by Kellz. One of the parents said, “[Kelly] is a master at […]

Everyone knows that greek organizations have a vow a secrecy when it comes to the behind the scenes activities and rituals they take part in. A former Delta Sigma Theta Inc.member has decided to quit her sisterhood organization after claiming it had cult-like qualities. Angela Crenshaw wrote an open letter published on Memoirs of a Virtuous […]