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Everyone knows that Ice-T isn’t someone you want to mess with — but leave it to a Twitter troll to test his gangster roots.

On Sunday, the rap legend’s wife,Coco Austin, ditched her signature straight tresses and debuted her long, side-swept, Beyoncé inspired cornrows. Coco decided to switch up the name of her new style for cornrows to “Da Coco Swoop.” The Internet was not pleased about the new mom “whitewashing” the name of the style, and wasted no time calling her out.

One Twitter user wrote, “Them is corn rows aka lemonade braids try again.” Things got a little more heated after another follower wrote, “I blame Black men for allowing their White significant other to even remotely think this was ok.” Clearly, Ice-T had time that day, because clapped right back in defense of his wife, tweeting:

Coco isn’t the first or the last White woman to put new label on a cultural staple and act as if they invented something new. Don’t forget the whole boxer braids trend that the Kardashians got away with or all the White beauty bloggers who attempted Bantu knots with no avail.

What are your thoughts on “Da Coco Swoop”?

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