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R Kelly Special Appearance

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

R. Kelly has a lot going on in his life these days, following the claims that he’s the mastermind behind a sex cult at his homes in Chicago and Atlanta.

But despite all that’s happening around him, Kells still manages to rake in the coins — and lots of it. According to TMZ, the singer has 14 upcoming shows planned, plus, there’s still a huge demand for tickets to see him, amid allegations that he’s running abusive cult.

Sources say that Kelly’s gigs were already scheduled before the scandal broke, however, nothing has changed — all of the shows are still scheduled.

Some of the shows are almost sold out, like the Chene Park Amphitheatre in Detroit, which according to TMZ, has been getting a high volume of calls this week alone.

Besides denying that the sex cult allegations, R. Kelly has yet to speak out on the scandal.  However, one of his alleged victims, Jocelyn Savage, has openly denied the claims multiple times.

The singer is currently under FBI investigation because of the accusations.

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