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'Detroit' World Premiere

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Kathryn Bigelow‘s highly anticipated film, Detroit, hit theaters on Friday and it is already receiving bad reviews from critics.

The movie tells the true story of how, in the midst of a multi-day riot, several White police officers raided the Algiers Motel on July 25, 1967, and terrorized several young Black people, killing three of them. Some critics are saying that the film ruined the true story of the Algiers Motel raid. The Huffington Post pointed out that there is no Black activism before the uprising in Bigelow film. Yet, in  Detroit, there was a longstanding civil rights movement focusing on  school segregation, job exclusion and police brutality. The article states, “What makes the film not just sloppy but downright dangerous is that this very denial of Black life, this blindness to the experiences and perspectives of Black people, makes possible the kind of brutal and discriminatory law enforcement and the lack of accountability around it prevalent in the United States today.”

Another issue that people have with the movie is that it was told through the eyes of a White woman, Kathryn Bigelow. The Daily Beast says Detroit would easily qualify as a Black film were it not for the complicating factor that Bigelow is White.  As for how the audience is feeling about Detroit — some people loved it:


While others are tired of watching Black people be abused:


Whether you feel empowered on enraged after seeing the film solely depends on you. Detroit is in theaters now.


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