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Watching one episode of Dear White People and you’ll get a taste of the struggles of being one of few Black folks attending a predominantly White institution. If you are considering attending an HBCU but unsure, we got you covered. Here are 10 reason for you to spend four years at an HBCU.


Historically Black colleges and universities are rich in history. Just to be apart of a legacy that includes some of the greatest leaders and thinkers in the world (including W.E.B. DuBois and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) is enough to consider getting your education at a Black institute.


No matter where you end up in life, if you meet someone else who also attended an HBCU, you’re bound to have commonalities. At an HBCU, there are other people who can relate from a cultural perspective. Yet, there is still so much to learn.

New Knowledge

The traditional school system is notorious for only focusing on the history of Europeans. When comes time to tell Black history, it usually centers around slavery. But at an HBCU, you are offered a nuanced view of Black history. You’ll definitely get woke!


Some HBCUs are criticized for their location, which are usually in cities. But as a young student who wants to move around get to know the vibes, what better way to do it than while away at school with the homies? If you can’t go away for college, you won’t be able to tell the difference while attending an HBCU in your city.


As a person of color, being the only one that looks like you at your school can be a lonely experience. Just to have someone to talk to about TV shows, music and food is an important part of the college experience. Attending an HBCU gives you confidence in your identity to take with you wherever you go in the world.


Fellowship is a major key of life. There’s nothing like the support and encouragement of your people when it comes to trying to succeed it life. It’s not a necessity, but it’s essential to character. It take a village to raise a child, which you learn at  an HBCU!


Swag comes in many different colors these days, but we all know who originated it. When attending an HBCU, a regular Tuesday on the promenade is like a runway during NYFW. You can dress to the nines while heading to Biology 101 or you can rock the pajamas you slept in. No one cares.


Black folks know how to party — and just because you’re in school, doesn’t mean the lit-uation has to end. Homecoming is the one time of year when every college student drinks alcohol for about a week straight, attends parties everyday after class and all while prepping for midterms. At an HBCU, the party isn’t just a party — it’s a celebration of Black excellence. *Cues “Swag Surfin'”*

Famous Alumni

Sean 'Diddy' Combs Delivers Commencement Address at Howard University

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Attending an HBCU proves that anything you want to do in life can be done. Some of the most celebrated Black people in history who paved the way in business, science and  entertainment attended HBCUs. So whether you want to be the next queen of all media like Oprah Winfrey or serve on the Supreme Court like Thurgood Marshall, it can happen.


At an HBCU,  you’ll create a network of people that will stay with you forever. Need a connect for your first job? Moving to a new city? Considering a career change? Your contacts at an HBCU will be ride or die.

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