Since Beyonce unofficially made it National HBCU Day — let's honor the greats.

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned college rivalry? But when it comes to playing “The Dozens” with students from some of the most revered historically Black colleges and universities in the country, the game is bound to take an unexpected twist. We brought together co-eds from Delaware to Louisiana to rep their schools — and […]

Let’s face it — college isn’t for everyone. But in our current cultural climate, education is the most powerful tool to resist. Thankfully, education is diverse  and if you don’t want to attend an Ivy League college, there are plenty of HBCUs that could be perfect for you. Many celebrities have gone this route — even Chance […]

Watching one episode of Dear White People and you’ll get a taste of the struggles of being one of few Black folks attending a predominantly White institution. If you are considering attending an HBCU but unsure, we got you covered. Here are 10 reason for you to spend four years at an HBCU. History  Historically […]