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Desus and Mero have been absolutely killing the game for…well, for a while now. Not only do they keep getting the most illustrious guests on their own Viceland show Desus & Mero, but they’re constantly leveling up and making their own appearances on other late night show, too. The most recent appearance from our beloved Bodega Boys was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where they not only went to show their faces, but also made a big announcement that fans are going to be super excited about.

Desus and Mero make the announcement that the two are coming out with a book via publisher Random House sometime in the near future! Though they don’t include any details about when the upcoming book will actually be released, they do divulge the fact that the book will revolve around them giving advice–but you can bet money on it not being your everyday book of advice.

In addition to their appearance on The Late Show on Monday night, the boys obviously had their own show on TV as well. Their guest on Desus & Mero was John Geiger, a shoe designer who visited the show to talk about his latest ventures in the show world.

Congrats to the Bodega Boys on their upcoming book, hopefully fans get a release date for that ASAP.