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No matter how happy you are, there’s always a few haters in the bunch trying to steal your joy.

Body-positive Instagram Jenna Kutcher knows all about trolls coming for relationship. The “Goal Digger” podcast host recently shared of her and her husband, “Mr. 6-Pack”, on the beach living in wedded bliss and the comments came rolling in about how the curvy host is not attractive enough for her handsome fit hubby.

She revealed that “Someone once slid into my DMs and told me they couldn’t believe I had managed to land a guy as good looking as @kickingitwithkutch. I’ll be honest that I was taken aback.”

But Kutcher’s beautiful message shut the haters down real quick:


Most of the folks hating on Kutcher’s relationship are probably single AF and unhappy with their lives. Do you sis.


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