No matter how happy you are, there’s always a few haters in the bunch trying to steal your joy. Body-positive Instagram Jenna Kutcher knows all about trolls coming for relationship. The “Goal Digger” podcast host recently shared of her and her husband, “Mr. 6-Pack”, on the beach living in wedded bliss and the comments came […]

2017 has forced everyone to get in touch with their deepest, most emotional selves. But often times, folks assume that being emotional means that you care a lot about things that don’t matter. One guy’s semi-emotional viral clip is proves quite the contrary — you can have emotions and still have no “f*%^s” to give. […]

The Disney Channel star discussed how she keeps her composure while dealing with her haters.

People left nasty comments under the playful photo, accusing Moore of being gay and in the closet.

This video reinforces the age-old saying: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Soon-to-be Kardashian Blac Chyna isn’t interested in what the haters have to say about her new figure. The Lash Bar CEO and Chymoji starlet is fighting back against mean-spirited comments regarding her pregnancy shape.  Yesterday, someone posted an insult on an Instagram picture of a fresh-faced Chyna, saying she’s going to look “horrible” when she’s seven months pregnant. Well, […]

If you haven’t noticed that Amber Rose has been killing the game on Instagram by now, you should get to pressing that ‘Follow’ button. The 31-year-old model has been having a blast down in Trinidad, while hosting parties, celebrating Carnival, and looking amazingly beautiful while doing so. Amber might be living it up down in the Caribbean country, […]

When you’re at the top, there will always be someone saying something about you in an attempt to bring you down. Nicki Minaj just so happens to be experiencing that at this very moment. The Pinkprint rapper took it to Twitter to address her hater(s) for her 18.5 million followers to see. Minaj tweeted: There will always […]

Christina Milian is not the one! Rumors have been circulating for the past couple of weeks that the Young Money singer is now dating her label boss Lil Wayne, but she has made it clear that it isn’t true… for now. The two have been getting pretty close since she broke things off with her […]

People can talk all they want about pop singer Rihanna, because she is not listening! The sexy vixen was recently interviewed by Esquire magazine and confessed that she no longer cares about the bad things people say about her. “Who wants to be bashed everyday of their f**king lives? I’ve learned to live my life […]


This week’s celebrity: Ciara (Birthday – October 25) There’s good news girl, your finances are straight but you have a life altering change headed your way. A lot of obstacles seem to be blocking you but they will soon disappear, only if you’re willing to do things differently. Your doubt and mistrust is keeping you […]