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People…we have entered a state of emergency.


The so-called plague of de-masculizing the Black man has reached an all-time high. Now all hell is breaking loose.


This can be the only explanation since folks seem to be concerned with the music taste of Amber Rose‘s son.

It all started when Amber surprised her son Sebastian with specially delivered concert tickets from Taylor Swift.


Cute, right?


Apparently, one 5-year-old’s moment of joy turned into a moment of controversy.

Was it the fact that Sebastian spelled his mom’s name weirdly when he read Taylor’s letter?



Were Kanye fans outraged by Sebastian’s taste in music?


Not quite.

According to Amber, it’s true some people were mad that Sebastian liked Taylor Swift. But not because of some allegiance to Kanye. They were mad because they thought Sebastian’s love for Taylor made him gay.


Apparently, some folks were on the verge of hysteria, holding on to their beloved ideas of masculinity like it was their last breath.


Amber eventually had to get them right via Insta Story. Check out what she had to say below.

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Hopefully, that’ll get people to calm down.

Either way, Sebastian is going to get his entire life at that Taylor Swift concert.



So I guess folks will have to be mad.