A recent statement about his daughter brings his problematic views to light.

From rusty comedians to toxic boxers, these folks have spewed pure BS.

A reported hate crime against the 'Empire' star has people enraged.

These quotes prove Kurt is still important to today's generation.

People…we have entered a state of emergency.   The so-called plague of de-masculizing the Black man has reached an all-time high. Now all hell is breaking loose.   This can be the only explanation since folks seem to be concerned with the music taste of Amber Rose‘s son. It all started when Amber surprised her […]

The accused are forced to undergo anal exams as part of this disgusting violation of human rights.

A teenager in Malaysia was killed after being brutally attacked last Friday (June 16) by a homophobic and femmephobic pack of teenagers. The teen, known as Nhaveen, was out with a friend, Previin, on Friday night when the attack happened. They were celebrating Nhaveen quitting his job so he could move to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia’s […]