In part two, Snow talks Mo’Nique, Netflix and the history of “Snow On Tha Bluff.”


“A lot of people don’t take her serious no more. She lost a lot of credibility. She just the wrong person saying it right now.

That’s all that is. Everybody else saying that shit. Shit— you know Netflix been fucking folks over before I ever got a chance to deal with ‘em.

But I didn’t know that. If I woulda knew that, I wouldn’t have ever dealt with em. But at the same time, I was damn near living under a bridge. I was fucked up. So after shit hit the fan, them folks (inaudible) as hell, they peeped that we wasn’t professional.

We didn’t know what the fuck we had. Nah mean? And then, we was just tryna get a deal some type of way. Shit, ain’t like they tricked a nigga. They just didn’t put us on the real game. And then we didn’t know that this shit was gonna run for that long.

The original “Snow On Tha Bluff” is approximately 12 years old right now, from the first day it came out. But you know, it didn’t hit Netflix and all that shit ‘til 2012. That’s when it jumped a real scale. But the shit has been out since 2007. ‘04, ‘05 we had been working on it. It was a street/underground movie where we was just watching it ourselves.

Still get the royalty checks, yup. But they don’t be shit! But I know outta all my other movies, that’s the one that muhfuckas, from then to now, still be talking about as if it just came out yesterday. I be waiting for somebody to say something about the other movies.

First thing they say: “Oh, Snow On Tha Bluff.” But, that shit still got that hype behind it. And somebody watching that bitch every day for the first time. It’s been bootlegged a million times. I just wanna know that real number. You know, the numbers don’t lie.”

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