In part four, Snow tries legal weed In Oakland, California and talks about unfairness of decriminalization.


“Yeah, after I damn near OD’d on weed, I know they for real (in Cali). We really getting high. It’s a whole ‘nother different high from that shit we be smoking in Atlanta, for real, for real. To me, it’s like when you first ever got high.

Everywhere you go, the whole world’s high. It’s supposed to be a better understanding, no matter what, if everybody on the same thing.

I won’t even smoke cigarettes no more. I just smoke weed. Can’t even smoke a whole blunt of this shit by myself, I be getting paranoid and have to put it down or put it out. And I’m high, after a couple puffs of this shit. You know what I’m talking about, literally high, where you can feel the high coming on.

Every drug they got, you feel it coming on, just like the old school way. I’m talking bout — what?

The first time, I couldn’t believe. Second time, I had to do it again, just to make sure what I was doing the first time was real. And that shit helping folks forreal. So I feel like anybody who’s locked up for some weed, before this law shit, they need to just go ahead and let them folks go now.

They got stores. You can go in a store and buy this shit. Walk up to the police and ask ‘em for a lighter. People who got caught up, until they do something about it, they just caught up. Shit’s crazy, but you know a lot of them laws got changed in between time.”

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