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A cheetah on a vehicle

Source: Jami Tarris / Getty

Scenario time.

You’re in the heart of Africa…cruising the Serengeti National Park.

You’re apart of a safari tour and your vehicle stops so folks can get a good look at three young cheetahs.

Then out of nowhere, one of those cheetahs jumps on the hood of your car and people are in awe. So much in awe that they don’t realize another cheetah is creeping in the back seat of the car.

Now you’re left with this…


What you doing?




Remember this is a cheetah.



This very situation happened to Britton Hayes and his tour guide said the best thing for him to do was to keep still and avoid eye contact, according to The Mercury News.


Thankfully, his comrades and him made it out of the situation safely, and when he got home, he told his mom. She posted the video to Facebook and it’s since gotten over 80,000 views.

Close one.

So what do you think? You booking that safari trip or nah?