Oh New Yorkers. So much time spent in the urban streets, you wouldn’t know the difference between a wild cat and a tiny mammal if it smacked you in the face. One person was ready to put the city on red alert when they thought they saw a tiger roaming the streets of Washington Heights. […]

Scenario time. You’re in the heart of Africa…cruising the Serengeti National Park. You’re apart of a safari tour and your vehicle stops so folks can get a good look at three young cheetahs. Then out of nowhere, one of those cheetahs jumps on the hood of your car and people are in awe. So much in […]

So apparently, when temperatures enter the 40s or below, green iguanas tap out of this thing called life…well, sort of. According to Kristen Sommers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, under 40 degrees weather can stop iguanas’ blood flow. Since they like to sit in trees, the whole process can stun them and […]

It’s real out here in the sea world and one octopus let it be known that you have to know how to avoid the sharks. Learn what it means to be resourceful below, as this octopus uses sea shells to leave a shark empty and confused when they’re looking for a meal. Surely we can […]

One Kentucky gorilla seems to be looking for the next best thing just like the rest of us. Jelani is an ape that resides at the Louisville Zoo and a video of him looking at pics of other gorillas has just gone viral. A man held a phone up to Jelani outside their window and […]

Interactions with deer range from distant admiration to trying to avoid them on a interstate highway. But don’t get it confused, the deer are out here…and if you don’t get out of their way, trust, you’ll get ran over. One man in British Columbia experienced this firsthand two Saturdays ago. Twenty-five-year-old Cary McCook was exiting a vehicle when he took […]


Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer became “the most hated man” on social media Tuesday after The Telegraph named him as the hunter