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Azealia Banks, Portraits, March 13, 2016

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This past Friday was full of great releases that had the Internet jamming all the way through Sunday.


Obviously, the main drop was Cardi B‘s debut album Invasion of Privacy.


And while the record was definitely full of bops, another release also came through repping for female rappers and creative artists everywhere.

Azealia Banks‘ “Anna Wintour.”


Now, I know what you’re thinking…



With all the talking Azealia does, she’ll put you on enough emotional roller coasters to open a theme park.

It seems like she just can’t be great without dragging somebody else down.

In February alone, she said Cardi B was “too fat” to walk the runway.


And in another post she called the Bronx spitter an “illiterate untalented rat.”


If you equally love Cardi and Azealia, you know how frustrating her comments can be.

There’s room for both of their talents. They both can be great.

And this is what this post is dedicated to.

With the April 6th weekend, Cardi came with the bangers AND Azealia shined bright, reminding fans of what drew them to her music in the first place.

On “Anna Wintour,” Azealia once again brings the house music vibes with a beat that snaps and vocals that’ll leave you in a trance.


The track isn’t short of inspiration either with lyrics like “Then you showed me, now I believe. Diamonds and dreams come true for girls like me.”


Not to mention, Azealia comes through with the bars at the end, making it known that she can happily switch her style for any track.


So while Azealia will probably say something in the next 24 hours that’ll have you screaming at your screen…



…we’re going to give her this moment for now…

…while forever keeping her on the prayer list.


Her fans don’t want to lose a true talent.


You can check out the funky lyric video for “Anna Wintour” in the clip below!


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