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Cardi B hit up The Breakfast Club this morning, April 10, to chat with Charlemagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy and like always she dropped some gems. Below are 6 interesting facts about Cardi’s life with Offset, their unborn baby, and how Invasion of Privacy came about. Press play up top to watch the full interview, as there’s a ton more to learn about the mom-to-be’s life.

1. Her pregnancy wasn’t planned.

She told The Breakfast Club, “No, it wasn’t planned. It was just one night. It was a good night.”

2. She kind of considered not having the baby—but not really.

“Kind of, sort of, and then again it’s just like no. I just didn’t want to deal with the whole abortion thing,” she explained. “I just didn’t want to. It’s just like I’m a grown woman, I’m 25 years old, I’m gonna say this in the most humblest way: I’m a shmillionaire. I’m prepared for this.”

3. She was nervous when she told Offset she was pregnant, but he was happy.

“Yo, I’m scared. I think I fucked up” is what Cardi says she said to Offset when she found out.

4. She was ready to drop an album in 2017.

“Around October, I was like, ‘I’m  ’bout to release an album right now.’ ‘Cause I had like 15 songs in the stash and everything. People was like ‘Wait a minute, hold on… an album is really special, an album is something you gotta take your time on.’ I just started the music business…and I just didn’t know the difference between an album and a mixtape, like what was so important,” she said.

5. She had ultimate power as far as what made it on to Invasion of Privacy.

She told the radio cohosts, “I had full control. A lot of people was presenting me hooks, a lot of people was presenting me beats, and I was like ‘That sounds about White. No.'”

6. She doesn’t go through Offset’s phone.

Cardi admitted, “I don’t even go through phones because I don’t want to play with my own damn feelings.”


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