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He needs a shower

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Fasten your seatbelt folks. Another bizarre story has surfaced, this time by way of Australia.

So David Hinsgt was an entry-level contract administrator for Construction Engineering between 2008 and 2009.

And according to, David sued the company last year for $1.8 million dollars for psychiatric and physical injuries caused by bullying.

What was the main cause of harm done towards David?

His former supervisor, Greg Short, would allegedly “lift his bum and fart” on him on a regular basis.


“Look, I don’t recall doing it, but I may have done it once or twice, maybe,” Greg said during the court trial. “But I can’t recall. I don’t recall doing so, so I’m not flat out saying I didn’t or I did. I just can’t remember doing it. But if he alleges, I did it.”


If you can’t recall doing it, but “may have done it once or twice,” then guess what?


To think, David had to endure 18 days of this trial back in November, and all for the Supreme Court of Victoria to dismiss the case!

According to Justice Rita Zammit, even if the farting occurred, it “would not necessarily amount to bullying.”


Along with the farting, David believed Greg (also dubbed Mr. Stinky) was plotting to marginalize him and get him fired. He even accused other conspirators in on the plan, including former supervisor Luke Pepperell and company director Simon Barker.

In one incident, David recalls Greg calling him on the phone, telling him he “f*cked up” on the job, he was “not worth sh*t,” and he was “not worth” his salary. With this phone call, David said he could hear “not a party, but some sort of loud laughter” in the background, as if other people were listening in for a joke.

Again, by the end of it all Justice Zammit said she found no evidence that Greg bullied or harassed David outside of “typical banter or mucking around.”


Zammit attributed David’s lawsuit to the loss of his job and she said he “reacted in an extreme and unreasonable way,” causing him to “seek revenge against those whom he blames for his loss”.

Guess that means no million dollars for David.


What do you think of this bizarre story? Was David doing too much, or would you sue someone for every penny if they farted on you?

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