It seems like that Coachella air has hit Justin Bieber and affected him in a…shall we say, unique way. The singer made an appearance at the music festival this past weekend and since then, he’s been doing the most random things. First off, he broke out in random song to some of his music favs, like […]

Fasten your seatbelt folks. Another bizarre story has surfaced, this time by way of Australia. So David Hinsgt was an entry-level contract administrator for Construction Engineering between 2008 and 2009. And according to, David sued the company last year for $1.8 million dollars for psychiatric and physical injuries caused by bullying. What was the […]

It’s common for an artist to take pride in their work by signing their name on it. A surgeon, on the other hand, should stay clear of the artist stamp. One British surgeon didn’t get the memo and he was charged on two counts of assault. Simon Bramhall, 53, pleaded guilty to burning his initials into […]

Two videos surfaced of Trick Daddy yelling, cursing, and spitting on a cell phone video.

The Sunshine State never ceases to amaze us with its tendency to produce the most bizarre news stories.

First-grader Gage Berger was reportedly teased for his "elf ears" and his parents decided the only way to fix the problem would be plastic surgery.

Porn company Vivid Entertainment approached the 52-year-old man with a 19 inch penis in an attempt to negotiate a deal for a sex tape.