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Story time!

And this one seems like it came straight out of a fairy tale book.

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Su Yun living in the Yunnan province of China. Two years ago her family bought a puppy that they showered with love and care.


Only thing is, the puppy seemed to be eating them out of house and home.


On top of that, the little “pup” started growing, and growing, and growing until it reached 250 lbs.


And the final bizarre moment came when the “dog” started walking on two legs instead of all fours.


Yup, by that time, it was pretty clear that Yun had no dog on her hands…but a full grown bear.


“The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked,” said Yun. “I am a little scared of bears.”

Ya think.

The wild animal was identified as an endangered Asiatic Black Bear and it’s now been taken in by the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre. Many of the staff was so intimidated by the bear, they decided to sedate it before transporting it.


Well one thing’s for certain…

This would make a great Disney movie.

The Iron Giant meets Paddington, no?

Who’s securing those rights!?


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