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People always tell you to be smart with your money, but there’s no way to plan for ridiculous inconveniences like unexpected fees and fines.


One woman traveling from the US to Paris was hit with a $500 fine from the US customs agency after a free apple she was given as a snack, on the plane, was found in her bag.


Crystal Tadlock says the apple was handed out in a plastic Delta Air Lines bag, however, she did not take it out — she put it in her baggage for the second part of her journey to Denver, Colorado.

A Delta rep even confirmed that there were apples given out on the flight in question:

The pettiest part of the ordeal is when Crystal asked the border patrol agent whether she should throw the contraband out or eat it and he handed her the $500 fine instead.



Unfortunately for Tadlock’s Global Entry status, which allows for expedited security checks, has now been revoked. As for Delta having her back, the airline released a statement basically claiming that this ordeal is not their fault, since the apple was intended to be consumed on the plane.


Where’s the loyalty?