Just when you thought folks were starting to be aware that the world doesn’t revolve around White people, stuff like this happens: https://twitter.com/FredTJoseph/status/973649160703545344 Oh, but it didn’t end there. @FredTJoseph, take it away: https://twitter.com/FredTJoseph/status/973649174821470213 https://twitter.com/FredTJoseph/status/973649195063267328 Tuh! https://twitter.com/FredTJoseph/status/973649217519579139 It gets worse. Hit the flip to see what happened.

Waiting to board a flight is one of the more tedious things we have to come to terms with in life — but one Southwest Airline passenger made sure that his fellow travelers enjoyed the waiting process as much as possible. Gate B7 at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans was lit when one […]

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DArcee Neal was waiting for an aisle-sized chair from an airline worker after arriving at Reagan National Airport Tuesday evening. When no one showed up to help him into his wheelchair, he was forced to crawl off the plane.

Airbus is often known for their bold airline designs, but the manufacturing company has gone to the extreme by issuing a patent that showcases passengers stacked on top of each other.

Things aren’t looking great for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared after taking off for Beijing this past week. Family, friends, and authorities are desperately seeking answers and though the news is disturbing, there are a lot of clues surfacing in regard to the plane’s journey. According to the NY Times, there is suspicion that […]