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For some reason, it seems ast hough every time Kanye West drops a new album, has a slammin’ Sunday service and drops some fire Yeezy merch, his cancellation is discontinued and his foolery is ignored.

Sure, we love Yeezys, we love Jesus Walks, and we all considered Ye a genius at one point in time, but he’s done enough much in the past few years to totally discredit those facts. Let’s be real, any other artists would’ve been banned from speaking certain places after claiming that slavery was a choice. But not Kanye.

On Friday, Yeezus dropped his “Jesus Is King” film, which the New York Post called “a 30-minute WTF to those who bothered to shell out the feature-length movie ticket price.” Followed by the album of the same name, which dropped days later than fans anticipated. But was it worth the wait?

Love it or hate it, some folks still have a special spot in their heart for Kanye West, while other won’t give him or his music the time of day anymore.

But believe it or not, every one low key has a little Kanye West in them. Which Kanye are you today? Take the quiz to find out.