Muni Long shares the meaning behind some of her lyrics in a recent interview with trending podcast "Don't Call Me White Girl." The singer and songwriter clears up one particular line referring to "champagne showers" in her massive hit "Hrs and Hrs" and it is not what you would have expected. Watch inside.

In celebration of Gunna's born day and his highly sought-after talents, we acknowledge some of the rapper's best lines throughout the years. 

Club Quarantine continues Saturday with T-Pain vs. Lil Jon.

Everybody has a little Yeezy in them.

One of the greatest emcees of all times turns 46-years old today, and still can rap circles around rappers more than half his age. Nas has been dropping bars since before most of us millennials were born, and managed to solidify his space in the music game quickly. It all all started 25 year ago […]

Liar, liar pants on fire...can you keep up with Rozay's tall tales?

The real is back. The ‘Ville is back — and J. Cole‘s highly anticipated surprise album KOD is all that.   This isn’t your average body of work, loaded with a bunch of trendy beats and obvious singles. It’s Cole music, which means you’d have to appreciate clever puns, storytelling and dope bars to digest […]

When you listen to old songs with new, grown up ears, it’s almost mind blowing to realize that most of your favorite tracks as a kid had surprisingly deceptive and dirty lyrics. A few of the songs had lyrics that were obviously euphemisms for sex and drugs — but as a kid, sometimes the beat […]

If you ever wondered if Drake was nice with the pen back when he was on Degrassi, you might want to consider buying his old notebook. According to TMZ, it was recovered from his grandfather’s furniture factory in Toronto about ten years ago. It features about 12 pages of handwritten notes, rare lyrics, phone and […]