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The Real Takes The 2016 ESSENCE Festival - Day 1

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It’s crazy how life works out sometimes. One minute you’re married for 10 years, the next minute your ex-husband is having his first child with another woman.


Fans of The Real have a personal attachment to host Jeannie Mai and her ex husband Freddie Harteis’ story. Jeannie and Freddie were the cool married couple out of the bunch that everyone loved. Their only hiccup was that Freddy wanted children, and Jeannie did not.

So after 10 years of marriage, the couple called it quits at the end of last year.


Fast forward to April 2018 and Freddy announced that he’s expecting a baby girl with his new lady:


Now, The Real fans have their own speculations about Freddy. Many want to know how he’s expecting a child so soon after just six months of being divorced:

While others think that Freddy being a Trump supporter played a part in their split, since Jeannie’s parents are immigrants and all:


Ironically, Freddy shared the news the same day Jeannie won a Daytime Emmy Award, which further proves that men can be petty AF too.


Congrats, Jeannie! Continue to keep it real.