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Once again, the inflammatory web is pitting friends against friends.

Family against family.

Lovers against lovers.

And it’s all over two words… “Laurel” and “Yanny”


That’s right, someone up to no good decided to create a recording where a voice says the word “Laurel.”

…….or is it “Yanny?”

Yes, this is another blue dress-gold dress situation.

Vlogger Cloe Feldman originally tweeted the recording and since her tweet, the one word sensation has gone viral.

To all those people who think the recording says “Yanny,” don’t worry, you have supporters.

…but the “Laurel” squad is coming through strong too.

Just check out the Vox survey below!

Going crazy yet?

Swipe through to peep how Twitter is losing its mind over this Yanny-Laurel fiasco.

…And make sure you reach the last page to find out the reason why some people are hearing one thing, while others are hearing another.

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