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Police shining lights on handcuffed African man sitting on curb

Source: Hill Street Studios/Matthew Palmer / Getty

Only a Floridian man would think to walk up on a playground and completely ruin a kid’s day.

Earlier this week, 30-year old DaWayne Ryan climbed on top of playground equipment and started yelling a vulgar explanation of how babies come out of women.

Police say that Ryan used inappropriate language, and parents rushed to remove their children from the wild playground. Unfortanately, there’s no footage of the crazy incident, but we can only imagine what he said to the kids that got him behind bars.

Ryan was arrested for disorderly conduct and fined $118. Only in Florida can you damn near get away with disorderly conduct twice in one week.

Earlier that week, Dawayne was reprimanded after police say he was approaching tourists and making inappropriate comments to women in an effort to get their male partners to confront him. SMH.

Let the (police) record show that Ryan has been arrested several times in the past year on charges of disorderly conduct, battery and carrying a concealed weapon.

Florida Man strikes again.