You always hear stories about how folks in Florida do wild and crazy things, or how Georgians are bizarre — but you can always count on big cities like Detroit to have the most peculiar situations happen on a seemingly regular day. Just like when one man brought a goat with him along on the […]

Another day, another crime committed by Florida Man — but this time, he may be the good guy in the story. Earlier this week, an unidentified man stole an unattended car from a West Palm Beach gas station and surveillance video captured him running from the stolen vehicle with a baby carrier in his hand. […]

Just when you thought only Florida Man was out here wildin’, Florida Woman strikes back, harder. On Monday, a Florida teacher was removed from her classroom and suspended after news broke that she was living a not-so-secret double life as a White Supremacist Podcast host. Dayanna Volitich, who happens to be a social studies teacher […]