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Pornhub is launching a new VPN service that will ensure your sexy time stays private, according to a new statement from VP Corey Price. VPNhub features encrypted connections that utilize “1,000 servers in 15+ countries” and offer unlimited bandwidth” with “private, anonymous internet usage,” Mashable reports.

As Mashable explains, “If you’re actually a frequent user of Pornhub, this makes perfect sense. And even if you don’t use Pornhub (right, of course), it still works as another viable, free option to add to the list of VPN choices. There’s a premium plan, too, featuring no ads, faster connection speeds, and more countries for logging in. That fancy version will run you $12.99/month or $90 ($7.50/month) for a 12-month subscription.” Mashable adds, “Sure, it’s perfectly aimed at those who frequently visit the site over a shared internet connection in places like their homes or hotels (as opposed to, say, a Starbucks). But there’s no reason you can’t use it even if you don’t care about adult-themed sites.”

In other words be sure to have your lotion, handy…hehe…but you know, if you just need to Google something, that’s cool too.

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