Besides giving birth to a healthy baby boy, Sophie's summer has been trash!

Pornhub is always looking out for the less fortunate. Just this past February, they made their Premium content free to non-Premium subscribers on Valentines Day, and now they’re doing one for the people who live in, shall we say, less than flattering towns. The porn site somehow managed to locate all the spots across the […]

For all those who despise Valentine's Day, Pornhub has a little something for you.

We're giving these celebs and brands a standing ovation for pulling off the best April Fools pranks this year

Miley Cyrus continues to push the envelope, but her latest provocative stunt isn’t gaining any fans. As we reported yesterday, the “Wrecking Ball” singer teamed up with filmmaker Quentin Jones for her racy short film Tongue Tied, and submitted the visual to the NYC Porn Festival. But apparently, the bondage-theme was so fiery that the video was abruptly pulled from the lineup. […]