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Pornhub continues to make people’s porn-viewing a top priority, no matter where you’re from or how you take in content.

First, they hooked up folks on Valentine’s Day, then they did one for horny citizens in kinky towns, and now they are making sure the deaf and hard of hearing are fully satisfied.

How incomplete it might feel if you can’t take in the dirty talk and moans coming from your porn visuals. Pornhub was not about to let this fly!

So now, they’re adding closed captioning to a section of its content library, according to Engadget. Over 1,000 clips across genres will have the option of “descriptive and interpretative text” for folks who “are not able to hear the video’s original audio.”

The dialogue of each person in the video will be distinguishable, and as for the non-dialog sounds that are relevant to the storyline…


…those will be highlighted as well.

The clips will be hand-captioned, instead of using an algorithmic system like other major video platforms use. The feature will help serve close to 40 million Americans who have some form of hearing loss — those that are into porn that is.


Pornhub isn’t new to assisting the differently abled. They also launched videos with audio descriptions for people with sight loss and according to Engadget, several of these clips have already racked up around a million views.

So as you can see, hear and feel, Pornhub is doing very important work for those trying to get off.