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ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Six

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This is one special day.

A day like no other.

A day that deserves celebration.


Because it’s National Wine Day.


And who better to celebrate wine’s healing power than Scandal’s lead character Olivia Pope.


With countless Scandal episodes, you can watch Olivia (played by Kerry Washington) throwing back a glass of that get-right during stressful times.

Messy? Maybe.

Reason for concern? Probably.

But when you have a hard job like cleaning up after the president, anyone would turn to God’s gift to the downtrodden.


The conviction of Olivia’s wine pouring alone is inspiring.


So swipe through to see how a day can go from trash to “the glass” in a matter of hours.

You’ll find wine might just be that drink to keep you from clawing somebody’s eyes out.

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