According to science, most people fall into one of these four categories when they drink.

As 'Scandal' has taught us, wine can be a guiding light when you're pissed off.

Everyone loves a good hack. It’s a way to make the day to day things in our lives so much simpler. If you can save a few minutes (or dollars) by finding an easier solution, why not? Well, one woman found out the hard way that all hacks aren’t to be trusted. The Twitter page @Lifehacks […]

You'll want to know how they make it before you decide.

Happy National Wine Drinking Day! Today is the only day you’re allowed to drink as much wine as you can possibly handle without getting the alcoholic side-eye. (Actually that occurs for us every Thursday during the ABC Shonda Rhimes takeover, so make sure you save a little pinot for mañana.) If you’re 21 and over, […]