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Happy National Wine Drinking Day!

Today is the only day you’re allowed to drink as much wine as you can possibly handle without getting the alcoholic side-eye. (Actually that occurs for us every Thursday during the ABC Shonda Rhimes takeover, so make sure you save a little pinot for mañana.)

If you’re 21 and over, today is the day to unwind after work with your favorite brand of red or white, just like your favorite celebs. Beyonce is no stranger to the classy turn-up. You can almost always spot the diva having a glass of white wine while she’s out to dinner or cooling on a yacht.

Even Mr. President Barack Obama has been seen sipping while having a laugh with his political friends.

You know what they say, a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. Check out the stars who enjoy some vino every now and then in the gallery below.


21 Flicks Of Celebrity Wine Drinkers (PHOTOS)
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