The holidays are right around the corner, and people are starting to lean into the giving spirit. Friends are planning their "Friendsgiving" festivities before everyone departs for the holiday season with family. Take a look at a few ideas to properly celebrate Friendsgiving this year.

Happy National Prosecco Day! The nationally recognized holiday lands on today, August 13th. It represents a day to celebrate with a toast to the remaining days of the season. We're celebrating even more with our favorite celebrities and their champagne toasts, which is not quite Prosecco but it sparkles just the same.

Odd Sox continues to take the footwear game to new levels. Known for colorful and edgy themes, the sock line has introduced the “Food & Beverage” collection, and it’s complete with all of the favorites you’d find in your kitchen. Featured in the collection are cereals such as “Froot Loops,” “Frosted Flakes,” and “Cocoa Krispies,” as […]

Happy National Wine Drinking Day! Today is the only day you’re allowed to drink as much wine as you can possibly handle without getting the alcoholic side-eye. (Actually that occurs for us every Thursday during the ABC Shonda Rhimes takeover, so make sure you save a little pinot for mañana.) If you’re 21 and over, […]