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Friends Celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner Together

Source: RichLegg / Getty

The holidays are right around the corner, and people are starting to lean into the giving spirit. Friends are planning their “Friendsgiving” festivities before everyone departs for the holiday season with family.

In recent years, hosting a Thanksgiving meal amongst friends a week before the actual holiday has become a growing trend for young adults. Friendsgiving is not always comprised of the traditional Thanksgiving feasts. Some friends prefer to bring any dish or drink to the function and save the typical turkey, greens, dressing and cranberry sauce for the family get together.

The celebration usually takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving. The most convenient way to organize a Friendsgiving is potluck-style. Some friend groups decide who’s bringing what beforehand. While others show up with the same side dishes and argue who made the best mac and cheese.

Regardless of how you celebrate, Friendsgiving is the perfect time to fellowship amongst friends before people go their separate ways. We are a week away from Thanksgiving where we give thanks surrounded by our closest family members. This year consider celebrating a bit earlier with friends who became family.

Take a look at a few ideas to properly celebrate Friendsgiving this year:

1. Potluck Style

Ask everyone bring their favorite dish or supply the liquor. Be sure you can make your grandma’s famous collard greens before you volunteer to bring such an essential dish.

2. Custom Drinks

Create a signature drink that fits the Friendsgiving theme. Maybe you coin it the “lovers and friends” or a “grateful gin & tonic.” Get creative and make sure it all comes together.

3. Everyone Loves A Theme

The theme is pretty obvious. It’s Friendsgiving, which is centered around Thanksgiving. Yet, it is the intentional decor and thematic aesthetic that makes for the perfect celebration. Get into it!

4. Picture Perfect Photo Booth

Create a custom Photo Booth backdrop for everyone to take photos throughout the evening. An even more memorable touch might be to have a few disposable cameras around the party for friends to take pictures at random.

5. A Great Playlist Is A Must

The music is key to any successful party or event. Be sure to curate the vibes with a nice playlist that plays in the background.

6. Grateful Notes

One of the many reasons we celebrate Thanksgiving is to gather around and remember gratitude. Have your guests write down one thing they’re grateful for on an index card.

7. Personalized Games

Everyone loves to play games, and it makes the party even more fun. Create a few personalized games or bring a game no one’s heard of before to get the party going. A night full of games is an ideal way to end the best Friendsgiving event.

Enjoy the festivities! Comment a few of your favorite Friendsgiving activities below.