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If you’re one of those pet owners who lets your dog toot it and boot it, this new app is coming for your entire life.

It’s called the Pooper Snooper and it’s only one stop away from being a crime scene investigation kit.

Here’s how it works:

First, let’s say your strolling along in your neighborhood thinking positive thoughts when BAM…your new pair of Nikes squash into the deep crevices of dog poop.

Pissed, right!

Well with Pooper Snooper you can now make a pin of your location, similar to Google Maps, and press the “add poop” button. Then, you can take a picture of the said poop and add any linear notes crucial to the crime — e.g. color, shape, smell, size, etc.

Then your info will be uploaded to the app and map, so future travelers can avoid a messy situation. With enough users, the uploaded poop warnings can start a trend in a particular neighborhood, letting folks know that people don’t know how to clean up in that area. It can shame dog owners and be used as a tool for environment officers.

Pooper Snooper says they “empower people to tackle a messy problem.” The need for the app is proven in places like the U.K. where, according to Metro, 8.5 million dogs take five poops a day on average. This results in 42.5 million poops everyday.


You can also use the app to record bin locations just in case irresponsible pet owners have problems finding a waste basket.

“The data is instantly visible on a map in the app, revealing persistent problem areas where local authorities and communities can focus their attention,” said CEO of Pooper Snooper Dave Kilbey.

Some folks are already going hard as the Poop Police…

Will you join the movement?

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