Snow and Morehouse were adamant about thanking the sponsors who fed students, provided gifts and made sure everything went smoothly:

“I wanna give a big shout out to Superego, cut from a different cloth. It’s made out of marijuana, hemp. They got my boy Ricky Williams with ‘em. Best quality white tee you ever seen. These folks cut from a different cloth, just like me.

Oh and I got to shout out my boy at Caribbean Delight, in the West End. I’m talking about for real, for real, every chance I get, I’m in the place to be. And I’m a picky eater, man. I have to have them oxtails, man, with the rice. And ain’t nothing like a beef patty to flush it down. Good God almighty, y’all need to check that out. That’s my Jamaicain loved one!

Plus, big shoutout to one of my major plugs, AUX: The Artist’s Unified Exchange.

Check them folks out at, #AUX18, get plugged in. Free digital distribution and mentor-ship for artists around the whole world. Audio, video, writing, photography, art, whatever you do, they got a plug for you if you independent, and really on your shit. Just follow them and use the tag #AUX18 to nominate somebody.

And Only Child Syndrome Podcast, big shoutout to Collin Smith, who put some of the money up for the Morehouse move. He’s one of the sponsors who believe in the movement when we needed it.

Then coming up next month we got the North Carolina Gates City Music festival, the after party to be exact. You gonna be big mad if you miss this, because everybody and they mama gon’ be there. Just come out and have a good time, bring your music out and mingle. If you ready, they got the karaoke thing, it could be your next big break.”

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