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This is intense.

An angry woman completely loses it when a young man (@princezee) wouldn’t give up his seat on the train. The unidentified lady tries her hand at using physical force to remove him and even sits on his lap when nothing else works. “We supposed to have some respect for women!” she screams in his face.

Prince Zee remains calm for the most part, even as the woman tears a magazine and throws it in his face.

It’s unclear if the video is some sort of comedy sketch, as Zee is known for acting up, but either way people were genuinely terrified. Press play at your own discretion—and then also ride the train at your own discretion…obviously.


Update: One of the two people tagged in Zee’s post goes by the name of StaceFace. A comedian from Harlem, Stace is the woman who appears to be going in on Zee, so it is in fact a comedy sketch. You can visit her profile here.

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