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This is not a drill. Jennifer Lopez is  50-years old today!

We’ve seen the legendary Boricua go through many stages, many looks — and many men — throughout her nearly 30 year career. But she always managed to keep a little bit of her Jenny From the Block-ness no matter how big of a star she became.


Believe it or not kids, before Cardi B was a Bronx icon, before French Montana took the borough to Calabasas, and when big butts were actually authentic — J. Lo was the face of the BX.

And she never shies away from repping her fellow Bronx successors.

“People used to be like, ‘Who are you listening to?’ She used to be like laying in her bed after she came home from the club. I just found [Cardi] so amusing! I grew up with people who talk like that. It was just so familiar to me. She has such a street sensibility in the way that she broke things down. I just knew she was from The Bronx.”

Lopez says she had to take it back to her Bronx roots and attend a couple of strip clubs to prepare for her role as a stripper in her and Cardi’s new flick Hustlers.

“It’s really a story about human nature, and greed and desperation and what people do. It’s a really interesting movie.”

Jenny may be a glamourous mega star, but she’s still our hot girl from the block. Check out these photos of Jenny, sans the Hollywood glam, looking like a regular chick from the BX.


11 Non-Glamourous Pics Of Jennifer Lopez Looking Like A Regular, Degular Girl From The Bronx
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