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A Black Day

Source: Hulton Archive / Getty

One so-called movie production method is causing a lot of concern for folks.

According to TMZ, the upcoming movie Good Boys is using makeup to darken a  stand-in child actor’s face. The comedy, which is produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, stars Keith L. Williams who is Black. However, his stand-in is said to be a light-skinned Black kid who is slimmer than him.

So not only are they darkening the stand-in’s skin, but sources say he’s also being put in a fat suit and an afro wig. TMZ was able to secure a photo of the stand-in during a break time on the Vancouver set. You can check it out for yourself here.

Sources connected to the movie’s production company, Good Universe, say it’s common to match actors’ skin tones for the sake of lighting purposes. They say this is not a blackface situation.

However, other film industry sources told TMZ rather than using makeup, casting directors usually try to hire stand-ins who match the actor’s complexion and body type.

Either way, someone on the Good Boys set wasn’t happy. They filed a complaint and now the production company is looking into the situation.

What do you think of these “production methods.” Movie magic, or you call blackface?!

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