The move comes at the request of executive producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

Some of the craziest moments and pettiest reactions of the month so far.

“This picture is from 2007, a time in my life where I was an actor and I was working on a project about young Black actors struggling to get roles.”

Another person tried to justify blackface this week when a makeup artist “transformed” a White woman into a Black woman via the magic of makeup. The Instagram account @PaintDatFace posted a picture to their account, giving the disclaimer: “This is a transformation that I’ve been holding back from releasing for a while now, solely because of the fear I’ve […]

Robbie Gatti, a Louisiana politician, who dressed up as Tiger Woods by donning blackface for a community event is defending the controversial costume. He’s being blasted by residents in Bossier City, Louisiana after a photograph of him in blackface at First Baptist Church surfaced this week. However, Gatti insists that his blackface was merely part of […]

One teen had her Twitter account suspended after posting a response to Donald Trump's shocking win in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Earlier today, two Texas students that attend Lamar High School were photographed in blackface.

Three first graders in Alaska were suspended last week after allegedly planning to poison and kill one of their classmates, plus more