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Do you remember when you were younger? You had no problem making new friends at school. All you had to do was have one thing in common and you would suddenly have a best friend forever. However, as we grow older, making friends and maintaining friendships has become harder to do. Vox has come up with a good reason for that and to be honest, it’s been pretty obvious all along.

Their reasoning is plain and simple, you can’t keep friends as an adult because you’re probably a flake. Chances are you want someone to be there for you but you’re hardly ever there yourself. We’ve all been there before. We make plans with friends and cancel at the last minute. We feel a sigh of relief when friends cancel their plans because we really didn’t want to go anywhere in the first place. We don’t show up and support when we probably should have. It happens. The number of self-proclaimed homebodies, recluses, introverts and anti-social humans has grown amongst millennials. Frankly, who needs to go out when we have the Internet, right? Well, if you find yourself lonely and friendless, Vox broke down a few simple ways you can fix this and become a better friend.


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1) Don’t be chill when it comes to making friends. Tell people you like or respect or value that they’re great and you want to hang out with them. < — This should be a given. Words of affirmation aren’t reserved to just people you are dating. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell people you find interesting that you find them interesting. There’s nothing wrong with telling people that they’re cool and you’d like to hang out. It’s not as bad as it seems and once you’ve done it the first time, it becomes much easier.


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