Popular Nick Jr. show Blue's Clues celebrated its 25th anniversary. Former host Steve Burns had a special message for fans that gave many millennials the closure they never knew they needed. Read about fans reactions, who voiced the side table drawer and how excited people are about Blue's Clues 25 years later. 

After 25 seasons, television's longest-running animated children's show is ending. Arthur says its final goodbyes after two decades of helping generations of children navigate life. 

Can you believe it's been 15 years since Hannah Montana, starring Miley Cyrus, premiered to Disney Channel? All of the millennial young adults are shocked at how fast time flew by since watching the show every afternoon. Cyrus pens a letter to her old friend Hannah, which she posted on Instagram yesterday. 

Coogler and Jordan's friendship is nothing short of inspiring. Head inside.

Every day there's a new update on the various social media platforms we switch between throughout the day. This week both Instagram and Twitter introduced new features that are annoying for some and exciting for others. Twitter users are asking to bring back Myspace.

As Gen-Yers, we've experienced more global crisis' in our couple of decades on this planet than many of our parents have in their lifetime.

Remember when you weren’t even old enough to buy cigarettes or alcohol? Or how about not being old enough to rent a car? Yea, those days are behind us, Millennials. We’re — dare I say it — full blown adults. Time is moving pretty fast, and if you don’t stop to look around every once […]

It’s like an unspoken thing in millennial culture (or every generation for that matter) that once you finish school, the best places to start your life and get a good job is New York City or Los Angeles. Whether you’re an aspiring actress or a veteran bartender, NY and LA have been force fed to […]

If you grew up in the 90s and 2000s — television practically raised you. Many would call that time the Golden Era of TV. Some of the greatest sitcoms, dramas and kids shows were created during that period, and shaped the way many of us live our adult lives today. Admit it, Living Single made […]

The 2010s have been a pretty interesting year in film. As we championed and celebrated racial and gender diversity in Hollywood, it still seems as though we have such a long way to regarding representation and equal pay for women and people of color. On the flip side, Millennials were able to see themselves and […]

Millennials have mastered the art of creating new terms that accurately and eerily describe a person, place or moment in time of their lives. Seriously, no one even knew what ASMR was before Gen Y’ers made it a whole, lucrative genre on the Internet. Looks like we’re doing the same thing with the term “single”. […]