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Millenniums-Schokolade und Blick nach 2000

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The year 2000 was a huge year for many of us for various reasons. Especially millennials. Most Americans were losing their s***, figuratively and literally, over the idea that the world would end on January 1, 2000 due to Y2K. Either that or robots would take over and we would be their servants — which is kind of true when you think about our addictions to cell phones these days.

Now as adults, we look back at that time in wanderlust, imagining that things were oh so simple back then. Times were totally different. But in hindsight, the same energy that had taken over the world at that time has come back to rear its ugly head using the COVID-19 pandemic as it’s front man. And that is the energy of fear.

As Gen-Yers, we’ve experienced more global crisis’ in our couple of decades on this planet than many of our parents have in their lifetime.

So it’s only natural to faun over the days when is was different. Sometimes we forget out simple things were when life gets too chaotic. Just in case you forgot how different life was 20 years ago (for better or worse), lettuce refresh your memory.

Life In 2000

  • Hillary Clinton is elected to the US Senate representing New York
  • U.S. presidential election, 2000 Republican challenger George W. Bush defeats Democrat Vice President Al Gore, but the final outcome is not known for over a month because of disputed votes in Florida.
  • Average Monthly Rent In 2000: $675.00

    Average Monthly Rent In 2020: $1,405

  • Average cost of new car In 2000: $24,750.00

    Average cost of new car In 2020: $38,948

  • Cost of a gallon of Gas In 2000: $1.26

    Cost of a gallon of Gas In 2020: $2.50

Pop Culture

  • Microsoft releases Windows 2000
  • AOL and Time Warner Merge
  • The Most Popular Artists At The Time Were All White:



    All Saints

    N Sync

    Red Hot Chili Peppers


    Faith Hill

If you had the choice, would you go back two decades, or embrace the post-COVID life we’re about to embark on?