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Popular Nick Jr. show Blue’s Clues celebrated its 25th anniversary on September 8. Former host Steve Burns had a special message for fans that gave many millennials the closure they never knew they needed.

Blue’s Clues debuted on the network in 1995 and the series ran for a total of six seasons. The show’s original host Steve announced his departure from the show after nearly six years and 100 episodes in 2002. He was replaced by Donovan Patton as Joe for the rest of the series.

Blue’s Clues was the first cutout animation series for preschoolers and resembles a storybook in its use of primary colors and its simple construction paper. The live action, animated educational show became the highest-rated show for preschoolers on American commercial television and it was critical to Nickelodeon’s growth. It has been called one of the most successful, critically acclaimed and ground-breaking children’s television series of all time.

The show follows an animated blue-spotted dog named Blue as she leaves a trial of “clues” in the form of signature blue paw prints for the hosts and viewers to figure out her plans for the day. Viewers are invited to participate, with Blue and her friends stopping to listen to what the audience has to say.

The animated show is trending thanks to a timely message from the series original host Steve, who shares with nostalgic fans why he initially left Blue’s Clues. The message was right on for millennial fans who face similar issues like Steve who left to attend college and is now faced with major student loan debt like the rest of us.

Steve’s two-minute anniversary message was shared across several platforms and fans praised him for giving them the closure they needed at this time. His message also revealed some other little known facts about some of the other animated character’s on the show. We discovered that this popular actress voiced the side table on the show at the tender age of three years old.

Keep reading to see fans reactions to Steve’s special 25th anniversary message, who voiced the side table drawer and how excited people are about Blue’s Clues 25 years later.

1. Steve’s Anniversary Message


We’re not crying, you are. 

2. Scam Likely


Is this what life is about? 

3. A word from CHIKA:


2021 is about healing. 

4. No Lies Told


Are we all on the verge of a major meltdown? 

5. A Reboot About Adulting


We could all use a clue.

6. How Many Times Have You Watched?


It’s okay. Watch it as many times as you must.

7. In Case You Didn’t Know


Blue is indeed a girl dog.

8. BRB, Crying.


Wipe your eyes. 

9. Actress Aleisha Allen Voiced Side Table Drawer

Source:Aleisha allen

Notable for her roles in School of Rock and Are We There Yet?, Allen revealed that she voiced the side table drawer in the series. 

10. Thanks Steve


You really made a generation a bit happier about the pressures of adulthood. We love you, Blue’s Clues! 

Happy 25th anniversary!

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