Popular Nick Jr. show Blue's Clues celebrated its 25th anniversary. Former host Steve Burns had a special message for fans that gave many millennials the closure they never knew they needed. Read about fans reactions, who voiced the side table drawer and how excited people are about Blue's Clues 25 years later. 

Millennials have mastered the art of creating new terms that accurately and eerily describe a person, place or moment in time of their lives. Seriously, no one even knew what ASMR was before Gen Y’ers made it a whole, lucrative genre on the Internet. Looks like we’re doing the same thing with the term “single”. […]

With each passing moment, you're a step closer to joining AARP with the likes of Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Curtis Blow.

  Becoming an adult is almost similiar to having a baby — you’re never actually ready. You just do it. The only difference is, you can somewhat prep for the arrival of a new bundle of joy by building a nursery, buying the right clothes etc. When it comes to adulting, it sometimes feels as […]

Clearly, growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be.