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We are getting older by each day. That’s right — with each passing moment, you’re a step closer to joining AARP with the likes of Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Kurtis Blow. When you become an adult, life starts to change. You start to see life through a different lens. Whether it’s waking up with your kid’s foot in your face or struggling to understand baby talk, if you’re over 18 you’re ADULTING. So here are 16 signs you’re struggling with being an adult as told by social media posts from our favorite celebs.

1. Never getting a decent night sleep.

2. Being on clean up duty when your kid gets sand all over the place.

3. Eating fake food and tea parties!!

4. Deciphering baby talk is also a full time job.


5. IDK what this is but… Only ADULTS DO THIS.

6. Keeping a straight face when your kid tells you that, that squiggle is you.

7. Getting your face “beat” by your child.

8. Adulthood makes you a human lie detector.

9. Adulthood also mean you have to buy things your grandmother used to use just to be presentable.

10. You gotta keep games in your phone.

11. Also you gotta pretend to be amazed when a kid says “watch this” … only to do a spin and immediately fall to the ground.

12. No matter how much you budget, all your money goes down the drain.

13. How you look on Mondays.

14. How you feel on the weekends.

15. But how you feel during the rest of the week.


16. And finally, when someone cancels plans and you get to stay in the house.

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